Dutch Interiors

David Kretschmer

Born in 1983 in East-Berlin, David and his parents fled from the communistic system in the GDR in 1989 just months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. They settled down in the south of Germany where he is still living now. His love for drawing caused him to choose an artistic education at school where he found photography to him as the best form of expression. After an apprenticeship in photography, He moved to Amsterdam to assist
Erwin Olaf. Back in Germany, He is running his own studio in Karlsruhe, producing art- and commisioned work.


2011 – Prix de la photographie de Paris Gold, Silver and Bronze for ‘Mirrors’

2011 – Sony World Photography Award Nominated and 2nd Prize for “Mirrors’

2010 – Canon Proffoto Award 1st Prize for ‘Mirrors’


2012 Solo Show ‘Confessions’ – Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam 2011 Group exhibition – Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam

2011 Group exhibition – Gallery Espace Dupon, Paris

2011 Group exhibition – Summersethouse, London

2010 Group exhibition – Visual Gallery at Photokina, Cologne


The Series shows this contradictory view on beauty the society has in perfection. Four beautiful young girls, looking very doubting and insecure. As they are almost perfect looking, they observe themselves very strict and criticize every single flaw on their body and face.The four guys are in complete contrast to the girls. They are not perfect at all but they look very confident at themselves and don‘t care about any beauty ideals. They are not pristine but they are satisfied.


David’s new art series ‚Confessions‘ is a continuation of his very successful work ‘Mirrors‘ from 2010. The six pictures are showing men and women in bedrooms looking at themselves in a mirror. Different kind of people that have all something in common as they all break social taboos. ‘Confessions‘ captures the reaction these people show while looking at their mirror image.